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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to Start an eCommerce Business a Step by Step Guide

Everyone know that eCommerce is now growing rapidly. There lots of eCommerce companies which are doing very well in last years. In today’s world, creating a highly successful eCommerce website or store is easier than it has ever been and with this blog post (10 Secrets Success Mantras for E-Commerce Startups Entrepreneurs), it just got even easier! Keep this on your desk; you will learn all each steps you need to take in order to get your shop or website set up and running, not just set up your will learn how to sell online as much as possible!
How to Start an eCommerce Business

Choosing a eCommerce Business Plan 

First of all you need to decide, what is your plan? Are you going to start it just as a side business? Or you are planning to make big eCommerce store. Or is it a store that you’ll add to an existing blog? This will likely impact your strategy in a big way. Think as well about your ambition and your plans for growth. Do you intend to scale this business? Business model is very important so take time and make perfect business plan.

eCommerce Business Plan

Choosing Great Products

Picking your products is easy if you already doing a business. In that case, you are simply going to be adding to your existing business, meaning that you can look for products that fit your current industry. You do not worry about choosing products because you already have the products.

But if you’re selling something completely new, then you need to think about the kinds of products you’d like to work with and also what you can acquire. You need to choose good products and take all information about these products. First you need think that how will you acquire products, means, will you manufacture these products or you will buy in bulk and resell or sell affiliate products or sell digital products or you will outsource. You have these options; choose which the best is for you.

There are plenty of options but different choices will work better for different types of business.
Next think about creating a niche for yourself. How will you differentiate yourself from all the other similar businesses out there? What can you do to make your products unique? This will help you to reach a more specific audience which makes marketing considerably easier. Choosing a specific niche is very important because it has many benefits and it will make your life easier because specific niche mean less competition.

Setting Up Online Store or Website

There are lots of options to create shop. You need to choose a platform for your shop like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc. If your project is big you can choose Magento otherwise WooCommerce is best option for starting because it is very easy and it has lots of option for customization.

First you will need a web hosting package and domain name. You can buy hosting package from Bluehost or Hostgator, these two hosting companies are best. Just upload wordpress from cpanel which hosting company will provide your. After installing wordpress just modify the look and theme of your store and add plugins as you see fit to create a unique look for your business. You need to add WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce, it will handle your all eCommerce store work

Start Stocking Products

The next thing to do is to manufacture or create your products and to start stocking your store with inventory. This is going to mean ordering items in bulk usually, which will mean you get them at a lower price. You then sell them on at a profit and reinvest the money you make back into your store. You need to set the selling price but add other extra expenses like shipping taxes in the selling price. Always keep a healthy stock for inconvenience.

Marketing of eCommerce Store

With your first few items in store, you now need to market that store in order to start making sales. To do this, make sure you are running a blog connected to your site and that you are regularly adding relevant content here and sharing it to social media. Blog is very important for every store it will help to keep connect will your customer and spread the news about your store or products you’re going to launch in near future.

Digital Marketing for eCommerce Business

Take the benefit of social networking website like facebook, twitter or linkedin because these sites have huge users which login everyday on these websites. You can also use other methods to drive traffic to your store: SEO (Top 10 SEO Secrets for Optimizing Magento Store), social media marketing, influencer marketing and PPC advertising being great choices. Just make sure to work out your ROI before you invest too much! When you make some money by this store you can choose offline marketing too. There are lots of options in offline marketing.

I think this post will help you to start an eCommerce store. This is not in detail. But I will make a detail tutorial with steps by steps to create eCommerce store. So, please subscribe our blog so that you get more helpful post for you. Best of Luck!

Friday, 31 March 2017

10 Secrets Success Mantras for E-Commerce Startups Entrepreneurs

Are you working on e-commerce business or planning to start an e-commerce business. What does it take to run a successful e-commerce business? What measures should you follow to thrive in this area? Let’s find out.

With the sudden and recent boom in e-commerce everyone wants a piece of its alluring seemingly overnight success. How do they do it? Is it as simple as it seems? To succeed in this novel territory what all should be taken care of? You’re about to find out.
Secrets Success Mantras of E-commerce

Know Your Tools

For an e-commerce business to launch successfully, the right development tool is absolutely important. There are a wide variety of tools available in the markets that offer a range of functionalities. Knowing what you require and knowing the right tool to implement it can save you a lot of trouble. Get the all the information about tool than select the best one for your business.

E-commerce Tools

When You Say Business, Mean Business

Your business being an e-commerce business doesn't mean that you can treat it lightly. You have put as much effort as you would have, running an offline business, may be even more considering the novelty of the area.

Have a Proper Business Plan

Putting up good quality products for sale online is not enough. You have to have a clear-cut business strategy in order to squeeze out as much profit as possible. Discount sales, flash sales, limited period offers and such can help a great deal.

Business Plan

Maintain a Proper Customer-care Service

Since e-commerce platform is fairly new, customers will most surely be doubtful of the safety of their purchase, transactions etc. It’s absolutely important to have a fully-functional customer-care unit for your business in order to gain customer satisfaction.

Gain Knowledge

Knowledge is very important for every business always keeps your eyes and tries to learn about your business and always gain your knowledge, because knowledge is the key of success. You need learn daily if you want success in your business. So, learn.


Like any other business, perseverance is the key. You will have to face unforeseen challenges in this area because of its novelty. It’s absolutely essential to never give up hope and continue with the work that you love.

Digital Marketing

Today, for every e-commerce business required a strong digital marketing strategy to beat your competitors otherwise your competitors beat you very easily. You can hire a better digital marketing strategist or you can take services by a good digital marketing agency or company.

Digital Marketing

Advertising partners

Advertisements are the biggest source of revenue for an e-commerce business. Make sure you have the right contacts and tie-ups with the major advertising firms and that the ads perform well. Without advertisement you can’t get success in the field of e-commerce business. Not just online but also you need to focus on offline advertisement.

Keep a Healthy Stock

Try to ensure that you maintain a fairly good stock of all the products you offer.

Keep Your Eyes on Latest Trends

Always try to keep your eyes on latest trending, because if you do not know about what’s the happening in the world, you can’t get success. So Keep watching.

At the end of the day, treat your ecommerce business like a job you love and put your heart into your work. Don’t panic and seek help from the experts. Follow the right measures and success is sure to follow. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Qualities of Successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs

It is always said that successful people are not born, but they are made. The thing to note is that anyone who wishes to become successful in their life would face numerous troubles, yet these troubles show them the way ahead. It is all about not giving up and a lot of things that go behind the scene in the making of a successful eCommerce entrepreneur. Let us have a look at what all qualities are desirable to become successful as an eCommerce Entrepreneur.

Qualities of Successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Failure is Not Final

Failure is not final until you give up, this goes in for many a great leaders and entrepreneurs who have worked their way up. For example, Abraham Lincoln who failed 40 times didn’t give up. One of his famous quotes said: Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. It inspires us to go beyond our failure and keep working towards achieving success. We all know that history remembers him as one of the most famous and loved President of USA.

What we learn is that whether you are trying to work up your way towards betterment of masses or towards becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur, the same rule applies everywhere. The setbacks should teach you to become better next time and hit harder at achieving your said goal.

Regular Learning

When you are open to learning from new experiences and gather more knowledge, things become far better. It is all about self-improvement and the ability to keep learning. Taking a constant feedback on whatever ideas you have and the work you are undertaking is what makes you ready for taking an informed decision and a right step in a definite direction. It is all about keeping a window of learning open that helps you in your personal growth.


It might be that you would have to go through a lot before you can finally reach your destination. It is all about having the determination to succeed at every cost. No matter what path you tread on, the thing to remember is not to give in to minor slip-ups. Take for example Oprah Winfrey, she played numerous roles and appeared in dozens of moves & TV shows before she could become independent. Now after a lot of determination and hard work she owns her own TV network, a channel and her own magazine. Your determination to win at every cost along with the ability to put in continuous efforts reaps rewards.

Keeping Focus

The biggest road block towards becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur is losing focus. It is to be remembered that when you lose sight of what made you successful; chances are that you are in for a downfall. Never forget the USP that made you what you are today and keep up with it while improvising your formula for success. The originality of your business that made its way to a successful climb should be retained. A successful entrepreneur should know the mantra of not losing focus of the original version. Taking time to evaluate about your business and deciding what you left behind in a race to win over your rivals is a good thing. As an eCommerce businessman it is essential to know that you should outdo yourself instead of looking at what others are doing.

To conclude, all the qualities that are mentioned in this article are will help you through your journey with becoming a successful eCommerce entrepreneur.

The Hottest eCommerce Trends - Success Plan for eCommerce Startups

Today, things are changing fast in the eCommerce scenario. With growing competition that an online business portal faces, there are other considerations like customer reviews. Now that the customer is well versed with the technology chances are that they are already on a look out for something more. Customers are highly demanding and are on a look out for information and reviews. It is more about your online presence and reputation that demands precision in services like inventory availability, checkout totals  and final pricing. Getting all this right is essential towards increasing your customer-base and to retain your existing customers. Similarly with growing needs it becomes essential to keep an eye on whatever is going on in the industry. For this purpose the article is compiled to bring out 5 hottest trends that are worth the watch.

The Hottest eCommerce Trends

Customers are highly demanding and are on a look out for information and reviews. It is more about your online presence and reputation that demands precision in services like inventory availability, checkout totals  and final pricing.

Mobile Rendering of Website

The latest that you will see is the utilization of mobile devices to make purchase. Often customers are shuffling between their tablet, smartphones and their PC to shop online. This is the way they do things as they are on the run and utilize whatever means is available to them for making a purchase quickly. It is all about making things available on demand and at the convenience of the customer.

Following things need to be considered by an eCommerce business to keep up with the demands of the customers:

  • Secure mobile payment options that are easy to use are in high demand. It is essential to have an easy online payment option.
  • Mobile rendering or designing websites that are optimized for mobile devices are essential. Here you need to consider faster load times and friendly UI.
  • The brick and mortar store should be available as a mobile store for easy access and click integration should be available for faster access.

Social Media and Marketing

The trend of social media and checking out reviews online  is bigger than ever. Customers solely rely upon the reviews and views share online. Social mediums like Twitter and Facebook are fast changing the way customers react and reach out to a given store for purchases. Looking at this, it is essential to build a positive social base for an online store. The essential ingredient to watch out for is customer engagement that can only come through using social media for engaging with customers online. Another advantage of utilizing the social platform would be able to customize products as per demands of customers. It will not only help you shine amongst your competitors, but build a viable customer base.

Some key points to look at would be:

  • Utilizing big data analysis for understanding customer behaviour and to shape up strategies accordingly. Things like Facebook campaigns and Pinterest activities will be the contributing factor.
  • Interactive design would help in understanding what the customer wants. It will be a brand differentiator. 

Wearable Technology

With the latest trend of wearable technology now it is easier to access greater customer base. This is like business expansion and being available to customers on the go. With easy reach of internet without having to use a smartphone it makes things available within a span of second.

Following are some of the game-changers at play:

  • Updates on pricings and customer incentives offered will be rapidly updated to the customer.
  • Giving out real-time information that is based on location based data. It would be easier to provide deals to a customer who is in the vicinity of the store while they are out taking a walk or a jog.
  • The brick and mortar store will be in sync with the online store due to availability to more channels for quick access.

Accuracy in Checkout and Inventory

It is all about being quick to react to customers demands that requires being accurate at the checkout point. A better inventory, same day service, shipping procedure and speed of service are necessary points to consider. When a customer is face-to-face with faster and better online services there is going to be less interest in physical goods.

Things to consider would be as follows:

  • Overnight delivery options with a click of a mouse is required.
  • Inventory availability is essential for the business as well for customers to know the availability of items.
  • The turnaround time for goods delivery is shortened with third-party deals for accuracy and faster deals.

Website Utility and Better Software

The biggest thing that comes into play is utilization of software that is great at providing all the essentials for your eCommerce. Undoubtedly the most popular name that emerges is that of Magento. The software is complete with all the templates, designs, tools and plug-ins that you will utilize to make things worthwhile online. After all it is all about a great presence that should reflect your brick and mortar store online in a great way. Customers would like to see things being presented in the best possible manner, numerous options to check-out and a better way to interact with the online store without any hassle. For this reason Magento stands out and is probably the most popular choice for eCommerce business.

Incorporating all the essential elements into one online store is essential to expand your customer base. Additionally, utilizing social media platform to its best is a great way to go ahead with online brand building. Keeping up with the current trends is necessary for business expansion, for reaching out to larger customers and to market your products or services online.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Use Short-cut Keys and Save Time on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System by Microsoft. If you are using Windows 10, these short-cut keys can help you to work fast and save your time.

Short-cut Keys for Windows 10

These keys are very helpful for daily use for everyone who use windows 10, Please watch this video till the end.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Top 10 SEO Secrets for Optimizing Magento Store

Developing an online store using Magento software is a great way. However, it is essential to optimize the online store with good SEO practices. The article explains how you can utilize SEO tips to optimize your online store for better visibility.

Magento is a great software that is used to provide the essential design elements and tools to an e-commerce  website. It is needless to say that using this software there are many things that give the essential punch to the online business. However, there is another aspect to it, this being the online presence of the e-commerce website. The ability to appear on top of the search results is what gives you the advantage of being ahead of your competitors. For this purpose it is essential that you apply proper SEO techniques that will help you to stay on top. Given here are 10 SEO tips for optimizing your Magento Store for enhancing online presence. 
Secrets of Optimization Magento

1. Product Descriptions

Magento ecommerce development is a great way to populate your store with various products. However, the thing that you should pay attention to is that often a visitor is not interested in taking a look at the products. It is more about browsing through whatever strikes as essential. The trick here is to add relevant product name and product description that would be easily searchable by the visitor. Adding search keywords that will help it become search friendly. 

2. Using CMS Pages

CMS pages are a great way to exhibit information, but if relevant information along with the keywords are not added to it then the whole purpose is defeated. Using the help of keywords in the pages with other interesting details that include pictures, videos, product tours and guides will make it attractive and help you shine in the search engine. The landing page are the most essential part of any website that are responsible for online traffic. Using CMS for making your webpage impressive will help in promoting your website.   

 3. Quality Blog Content

The next best thing is to create a high quality blog. It helps in driving leads to your online Magento store. Using the relevant extensions will be helpful in generating traffic. The activity should be focused on online reputation creation for your products and services. It is important to note that only the topics of current interest or the trending topics should be chosen. 

4. Product reviews

Managing reviews on your website gives the advantage to generate additional traffic to your online store.  Reviews helps in positively influencing the mindset of potential customers and speak a lot about the reputation of the company. Additionally, it helps in online conversions and traffic. For this reason it is essential to inspire customers to write a review after availing the services or purchase of a product. 

5. Meta titles and Meta descriptions

The relevance of meta title and  description is such that it is the first thing that catches the eye of the visitor. The first words that appear along your website create a definite impression on the mind of the person searching for something specific. To be able to capture the attention and influence the mind of a potential visitor it is essential to have a descriptive and precise meta titles. Following the rule of thumb, the meta title should not be more than 50-60 characters, the meta description should be anywhere between 100-150 characters with relevant keywords inserted. 

6. Removing Excesses Keywords

As much as the importance of having relevant keywords is explained earlier, it is to be noted that excessive keyword stuffing too is not a good sign. It is advisable to remove keyword field that would avoid any trouble with Google. 

7. Canonical URLs

A well designed  Magento store should be implemented with canonical URLs. Magento is integrated with the canonical system; all you need to do is implement it within your online store. The following steps can be applied for the implementation of canonical URLs 
System->Configuration->Search Engine Optimizations, select the YES option.

8. Page Titles

The moment you think of implementing SEO tactics, you need to focus on page titles with relevant description. Doing this would get you high click-through rate and your SEO visibility will increase.  Your page will appear in maximum search results. The page titles should be as relevant and descriptive as possible to attract more traffic. 

9. Remove Store Codes 

The one who has worked with Magento should know that the software automatically adds store codes to the URLs. These codes are identifiers that are used in location of various products within the database. However, these sure are an eye-sore that causes trouble in search engine visibility. For this reason it is essential to disable it by applying the following steps:
Got to Magento-> Configuration-> Web-> Search Engine Optimization, switch to NO for   Add Store Codes to URLs. 

10. Avoid Delicacy

The default function of Magento is automatically creating duplicate content. The products that appear twice in a given category would have duplicate content. This often results in violation of Google guidelines against copied content; it drops search engine visibility.

Strike a balance between SEO and conversions using the copywriting techniques in our Copywriting for Pros course. Whether you’re store sells sports clothing or high-end jewelry, the techniques in this course will help you write high-converting copy.

In conclusion utilizing all the relevant SEO techniques as mentioned in this article  you would be able to increase traffic and visibility online. It is all about utilizing the right technique that would not only establish your brand online, but help in attracting more visitors to it. 

Secrets of Magento, The No 1 Open Source E-Commerce Platform in the World

Today, everybody know that Magento is the No. 1 open source e-commerce platform in the World. The founder and the CEO of the Magento e-commerce is Roy Rubin. It is an Open source technology which fulfills the business goals of the online merchants. In the whole world, Magento is trusted by near about 240,000 businesses. Here we are going to discuss the reasons behind the success of Magento. In our research we have found that it has more features, is easier to customize, easy to scale and offers better support.
Secrets of Magento Open Source

History of Magento

We have already mentioned that Magento was co-founded by Roy Rubin. Earlier it was known as Varien. Earlier he ran a web development agency for 6 years. After some years they got more clients due to the presence of better customized features and good flexibility. In the year 2010 Varian converted to Magento. First service software offered by Magento was SaaS.

Benefits and Value of Magento

  1. One can establish professional and customized stores.
  2. Its creative and functional facilities add value to the store.
  3. As a cost effective solution diverse extensions are being used.
  4. Meets the specific requirements of the store owners.

Statistics For its Best Leadership in the E-commerce Space

  1. An analysis by Google trend from 2010 to 2013 speaks about the best leadership of Magento around the world.
  2. According to Internet retailer 2014 top 500 guide, it has been found that Magento is among the three leading providers to the leading 500 internet retailers in the US and Canada. The other two providers are Oracle and IBM.
  3. The BuilltWith provided the statistics that more than 7000 among the top 1 million e-commerce sites are on Magento.
  4. It has been found that the combustibility of Magento is its competitive advantage, i.e. it is unmatchable by any of its competitors.

Reason Behind the Better Leadership of Magento

  1. It has the option to set up multiple stores. All different stores can be managed from one admin panel. It would provide different IP addresses, domain names and securities certificates.
  2. It provides tools which are good for marketing. Those tools are like up-sells and cress-sells which provide users inducements to buy more number of products. This generates a good number of sale and revenue. It is search engine friendly, and very attractive.
  3. It has better customization offer which can be changed from season to season or business to business.
  4. It consists of Google Analysts. Apart from it, other tracking options are provided here which provide the owner it’s time to time performance.
  5. Its features are user friendly. It is provided with easy options for ordering which lead to better return on investments. It has various advanced features like product reviews, multiple product images, etc.
  6. Apart from the above qualities it also has a well-organized backend, a nice default template, a shopping cart that is easy to operate and an Add- on module.


From the given statistics we can find that, Magento is one of the leading open source e-commerce platforms in the world. Magento has deals with several stores at the same time. It has Google analysts also which track its performance. It is user friendly and easy to reach.
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